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On the road to #rp12: Synchronised yet unlinked #ACTA blogging in Europe

“We can maintain a European public if we observe synchronicity and issue convergence across national publics as well as political resonance on the part of supra-national decision-makers.” (Seifert 2006)

On 27 March 2012, the International Trade (INTA) committee voted against a referral of ACTA to the EU Court to instead vote on it right away in June. A summary of the discussions in INTA is provided by the EU Council Secretariat (p.6); parallel discussions were also held in the Civil Liberties (LIBE) committee (summary).

In the past and present, such discussions and votes in European Parliament committees seldom raised and raise the attention of any relevant transnational public. The focus on ACTA over the past months has shown however that politicisation raises attention to concrete European politics, and so one can observe quite detailed follow-up on political developments at EU level.

The blogosphere(s) is (are) one indicator for this attention and so I’ve done a little research on blog posts that mention the vote and/or discussions in the INTA committee, and I could find the following contributions:


Netzpolitik, cited by Der Ruhrpilot (DE), Kompass (DE), Campact Blog (DE)


Sköne OkeTechpresidentISP Review, cited by Ville Oksanen (FI); Falkvinge (EN)


Henrik Alexandersson, cited by Nätverkssamhället (SE)




Maria Badia

So we indeed have reactions from blogs in six languages, although I would have expected that the attention would have been larger given that the INTA decision actually means that the delay tactic of the European Commission to refer the matter to the Court will not work and that ACTA will be very dead or very alive very soon.

Nevertheless, getting coverage on European Parliament discussions and decisions at committee level still shows that there is a limited European public developing, and that this is happening in a synchronised fashion with all the blog posts highlighted above being published on the days around the INTA committee meeting.

Yet, as highlighted previously, this case again also shows that while synchronisation may take place over the same issues, this does not result in any considerable transnational or translingual linking, with one Finnish blog post referencing a UK blog being the only exception among the posts I’ve linked above.

This post is part of a series of blog posts in preparation of my talk at the re:publica 12 on 3 May 2012. Previous posts here (EN), here (German), here (EN), or here (EN).

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