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Follow-up: Life hacking the EU Court search

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Since I’ve blogged about the need to “life hack” the EU Court’s search one month ago, the Court website got a new advanced search. When you search for a (list of) Court document(s) there and choose one of the results, the the links to this result can now be “re-used” afterwards, making it now possible to […]

Social network analysis: Core elites & peripheral monkeys

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The great thing of working with social network analysis is that is a truly inter- and transdisciplinary theoretical and methodological approach. Network analysts come from such diverse backgrounds as sociology, physics, psychology, biology or, as in my case, political science (and more). This interdisciplinary approach can sometimes lead to quite funny moments when all these […]

Horizon 2020 and plagiarism: The Guttenberg paragraph

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As a follow-up to the 7th Framework Program, which is currently the main EU instrument to support research and development, the Commission has proposed Horizon 2020. On 30 November, the Commission published its concrete proposal on “the rules for the participation and dissemination in ‘Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020)’“. […]

Neelie Kroes and Guttenberg – Partnering for smart growth

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Last week, the EU Council published “Conclusions on partnering in research and innovation“. Content-wise, this in an awfully drafted, hardly understandable and significantly watered down document. Given its bad quality and lack of substance, it will not have any impact on research and innovation in Europe. However, it contains the following sentence: “ACKNOWLEDGES that both […]

Accessing EU Council negotiation documents on environmental agreements – a confirmatory application

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Accessing EU documents for your research projects can be work-intensive and time-consuming as I have experienced with the EU Commission as well as with the EU Council in the course of this year. One recent confirmatory application made by an (undisclosed yet apparently) Belgium-based researcher to the Council for a large number of documents is […]

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