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Out of the Eurobubble into Belgium – and back

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If we can believe this Facebook post, the long-announced and long-awaited online series “The Eurobubble” about professional and private life in said Eurobubble will go live tomorrow (I suppose on its Youtube channel). It’s funny to watch the trailer of the show again having just spent my prolonged Easter weekend traveling through Belgium, trying to get out of the […]

My 95,998,800,000,000 cents on the EU budget deal

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The leaders of states and governments of 28 European countries (Croatia included) are able to agree over a long-term budget worth 959 988 000 000 Euros (in commitments) 11 months before this budget period starts. The leader of the directly elected European Parliament involving 754 members from 27 European countries (plus the Croatian observers) is able […]

Jean Monnet and David Cameron: Two speeches, exactly 50 years apart

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On 23 January 2013, David Cameron held his speech on British membership of the European Union. I am not sure anyone noticed, but exactly 50 years earlier, on 23 January 1963, Jean Monnet held a speech accepting the “Freedom Award” in New York in which he argued why Britain should be part of Europe: “The next step […]

How the dominance of English kills the European debate

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Spanishwalker has already argued some months ago that one of the problems of the European blogosphere is the dominance of English. He sees the problem in English being the gatekeeper language between blogging and writing in most other European languages. In consequence, conversation between Swedish and Spanish bloggers would only take place if they (a) write and […]

Gibt es eine deutsch(sprachig)e Europa-Blogosphäre?

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Weil ich auf der re:publica 12 diesen Vortrag gehalten habe, bin ich Montag in Essen zu einem Vortrag samt Diskussion geladen, bei dem es um die “Europäische Online-Öffentlichkeit” gehen soll. Googelt man den Begriff, ist der einzige Text, den man dazu findet, der hier (vergleiche: Selbstreferenzialität), das heißt, ich muss die Antworten auf die großen Fragen […]

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