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Live blogging: EU Council on Fisheries, morning session 14 May 2012

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Live blogging of the morning session of the EU Council meeting on Fisheries of 14 May 2012 (background here). May contain mistakes and miss certain aspects! 12:50 END OF LIVE BLOGGING 12:45 Danish Presidency: It is difficult to conclude after this discussions. I have heard the mentioning of the socio-economic dimension. But we have a […]

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy: Public debate and secret negotiations

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Today, the EU Council holds its third orientation debate on the reform of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (Council background note). That’s the shiny surface of general ideas and positions staged for the public and live streamed on the internet (from ~11/11.15 am). Tomorrow, the Council’s Working Party* on “Internal and External Fisheries Policy” meets, and […]

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy: Upcoming debates in May

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The EU’s Council of Ministers is slowly approaching the decisive phase for the future Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). After two orientation debates in March and in April, the May Fisheries Council will close this round with a last debate on environmental aspects before getting to a general approach to the CFP reform in June. In […]

Commissioner Damanaki answers my provocative question on the CFP reform

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Knowing that I am somehow interested in EU fisheries policy, the Debating Europe team recently asked me on Twitter whether I had any question for EU fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki. I chose the rather provocative question which of the two major proposals for the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) – the discard ban […]

Access to documents in EU fisheries: A Danish case

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In yesterday’s newsletter by the Danish Fishermen’s Association (Danmarks Fiskeriforening) I read the following interesting paragraph: “Danmarks Fiskeriforening har bedt om aktindsigt i sagen omkring muslinger i Limfjorden, hvor Danmarks Naturfredningsforening har klaget til EU over fiskeriet af muslinger. Det har ført til flere breve fra EU-Kommissionen til Danmark og omvendt, og derfor har fiskeriforeningen […]

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy: Upcoming debate in the EU Council

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After the first orientation debate in the Council focussed on discards policy, the next Fisheries Council meeting on 26 and 27 April 2012 will continue the debate among member states’ ministers on the future Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of the European Union. In a summary and preparation document (Update: Revised version of the document of 20 April), the […]

Hugh’s Fish Fight and live streaming statistics of the EU Council

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Two weeks ago, I wrote “Hugh’s Fish Fight or: The blind spot of the EU social media gurus“. As you may know, I am doing my academic research on information flows in EU policy-making and so I was interested whether a campaign like Hugh’s Fish Fight would also have any effect on the attention to […]

Hugh’s Fish Fight or: The blind spot of the EU social media gurus

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The European Parliament has about 370,000 fans on Facebook. Hugh’ Fish Fight campaign has 238,000. The English language Twitter account of the European Parliament has 10,250 followers. Herman van Rompuy has 51,000. Hugh’s Fish fight has almost 30,000. The main campaign video of the campaign has been seen almost 300,000 times since the end of […]

The fight over Lisbon competencies in EU fisheries policy continues

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It’s been more than two years now that the Treaty of Lisbon is the constitutional foundation of the work of the European Union. Yet, there are still turf wars between the EU institutions on how the powers laid out in the Treaties are to be implemented. An example comes from the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP): […]

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