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Blogging elsewhere, too

While I intend to use this blog for political science related blogging, I am also blogging elsewhere from time to time, for instance – like today together with Eurogoblin – “The Week in Bloggingportal“, the weekly summary of the most interesting euroblog articles chosen by the (voluntary) editors of, or sometimes for the blog of the Transparency International EU Liaison Office at

I don’t think that, as a political scientist, I should limit myself to interacting with other academics; to the contrary, I feel that this kind of “non-scientific” interaction is very enriching for what I do as an academic, both in thinking and writing, in research and in teaching.

In addition, I definitely think that academia (including EU affairs scholars) and society could very much profit from this kind of public and social media communication. We should put ourselves out into the real debates happening in society every day instead of just contributing with conference papers every six months, with the results of a larger research project every year or two or whenever the press needs us to comment with 30-second-expert XYZ-statements on TV when something important happens.

So I’m blogging elsewhere, too, and I’m glad I do.

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