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Finding stories in the Council agenda

I’ve given you a little ride on how to prepare for an EU Council yesterday. So to the least you’ve found the agenda of the upcoming Competitiveness Council.

Taking a look at the agenda, you may ask where the stories are that a blogger of journalist could cover. Four particular items strike me as particularly worth studying:

  • European Innovation Union flagship initiative

This sounds so massively positive that I would definitely expect something wrong here. I am tempted to search for that.

  • Services Directive

A huge topic some years ago. What might come up there?

  • Proposal for a Council Decision authorising enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection

That sounds cryptic to you? Well, this agenda item will take a special part in the presidency briefing for journalists and bloggers later this morning. My recommendation is to read some of the latest articles on Axel Horns’ blog to get an idea what’s going on at the moment. However, the real story starts somewhere in 2004, with the Convention that drew up the former EU Constitutional Treaty and with it  a special article on intellectual property (covered by Grahnlaw, who else!). As so often in the Union, it’s all about languages. In this case, it’s important to watch Italy and Spain.

  • Raw Materials Initiative

Didn’t think that was any interesting, although raw materials have been on the agenda quite frequently lately. But then I saw this sequence of draft conclusions of the Council that lead to these conclusions that will most likely be adopted on Thursday. It would be a good case to track changes and to find out why they have been made and who proposed them. Let’s see what I can find out.

Anything else you’d find interesting? Any piece of information I should try to get? What story should be told from the (Competitiveness) Council? Feel free to comment on the topics listed above or to put my nose into any (sub)topic that would be worth covering!

Heading off to the presidency briefing now.

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