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European Parliament Library Briefings

European Parliament (EP) Library Briefings are short topical summaries mostly on currently relevant matters (e.g. because a committee is dealing with a topic) the EP library staff produces in particular for MEPs and their assistants.

Until last year, these documents were not made available to the public – at least that’s what I’ve heard at a meeting in the EP Library together with Jon at the time. Yet, already then it was announced that they planned to make these public. Now they are public, although they are not easy to find, but I finally came across them by accident yesterday.

You can find them here. Or via Google (add a keyword to search more in detail).

At the time of writing, there are 108 briefing documents from 2010 and 2011 in the register, 88 in English and 20 in French. Among them are, for example, summaries on:

Now these are not academic studies that can satisfy an expert in a certain field, but they are nice little summaries one may like to consult if one gets lost in the jungle of EU policy issues.

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