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Barroso’s State of the Union 2011: My SOTEU bingo results

This morning, EU Commission President Barroso delivered his “State of the Union” (text, video). We at have called for a Barroso Buzzword/Bullshit Bingo to be played, and I have proposed my own list of 10 words/phrases to be said during the speech.

Here is how I succeeded:

  • Europe 2020 – check 1x
  • Crisis – check 2x English, 10x French
  • EU tax – not exactly, but: “savings tax within the European Union
  • EFSF – check 4x
  • Solidarity – check 5x
  • Leadership – check 3x
  • Credible currency – not exactly, but: “a really credible euro area
  • Fiscal consolidation – check 1x
  • Commitment – check 2x English, 1x French (“engagement”)
  • Necessary actions – not exactly, but “the instruments necessary

That gives me 7 out of 10 possible points, with some bonus for close hits… πŸ™‚

PS.: The speech was better than the one last year, better written and with a better delivery. Let’s see whether words will be followed by actions.

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