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How the press services of EU Parliament and Commission see each other

All the EP press officers considered their services to be of better quality than those of the Commission, which dovetails with the insights provided by the journalists. Nonetheless, the fact that several officials from the EC shared this assumption was a somewhat striking result. […]

Between the lines […], one might read the Commissions’ staff dissatisfaction with the strictness of their information hierarchy. A common thread between EC officials is the description of the template for press releases as an obstacle to creative communication.” (p. 9)

That’s a quote from a freshly published study by Ana Isabel Martins and others titled “Information Flow and Communication  Deficit: Perceptions of Brussels-Based Correspondents and EU Officials“, based on a series of 75 interviews held in 2009.

The central theme are the relations between EU officials, especially those involved in communications, and EU journalists in Brussels. The issues covered are the difference in communication style of the three major EU institutions, the complex/voluminous/scattered nature of EU information and the importance of informal contacts to make EU news.

I wouldn’t say that findings are revolutionary for the Brussels bubble, but even for bubble communicators there are a good number of very nice quotes from the interviews that may spark some discussions. For all bubble outsiders trying get some insights into the media-information environment in Brussels it’s definitely worth a read.

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