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Consulting the EP intergroup database: MEP Mikolasik and a tweet by Commissioner Sefcovic

Just saw these tweets by EU Commissioner Maros Sefcovic:

Just finished mtg w/MEP M. Mikolasik, co-chair on EP Intergroup on bioethics about his view of recent ECJ ruling on patentability of hESC.” (link)

Picture from mtg w/MEP M. Mikolasik” (link)

The MEP in question is Marek Mikolasik, a Slovak European People’s Party group member (Sefcovic is also Slovak).

On his European Parliament website, there’s no hint Mikolasik is even a member of the Bioethics (or any other) intergroup, and the fact that he’s a member of the Regional Development (REGI) committee also doesn’t give a hint that he would be a person to speak to on this subject.

A look into the EP intergroup database I’ve put together (see posts here and here) shows that he’s also a member of the Ways of Saint James Intergroup, the Disabilities Intergroup, the Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity Intergroup, the Famility and the Rights of the Child Intergroup and the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Intergroup. Looks like there are some more topics MEP Mikolasik is interested in beyond his main committee affiliation…

Unfortunately, none of this information could be found on the MEPs EP website, and in order to find it out on the EP’s website you’d have to search through a list of 27 pdf files.

Way to go with open data and user-friendly transparency at the EP…

3 Responses to Consulting the EP intergroup database: MEP Mikolasik and a tweet by Commissioner Sefcovic

  1. avatar anders says:

    Great work!

    Another good add to the database could be the official EP committees they are sitting on (such as the Special Committee on Financial, Economic and Social Crisis).

    Keep it coming…


  2. avatar Ronny Patz says:

    I wonder that there aren’t such lists somewhere out there…

  3. avatar anders says:

    I guess it only is located in an unfriendly format at the EP webiste:

    Doesn’t look easy to add.


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