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The EU Court will be reformed – but will it be soon?

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The EU Court in spring requested to be reformed (financial implications) as quick as possible, including the creation of the office of a Vice President of the Court, the enlargement of the Court and the change of certain procedures (see link above for details), in order to be able to deal with the current demands the Court is facing.

At the end of September, the Commission provided its assessment of these requests, explaining why it “is supporting the Court’s proposals, while at the same time suggesting changes and additions to certain points“.

In the Parliament, Vice President Diana Wallis (ALDE) is the responsible rapporteur for the procedure related to the reform. She’s presented her draft report at the end of November that contains the draft legislative amendments to the Court’s statutes. It’s unclear from the new European Parliament website what the timeframe for this procedure is, so it may still take a moment.

In the Council, it’s the Working Party on the Court of Justice that has discussed the Court’s proposals. In an information note from Wednesday, the Council informed that it still needs to continue its work throughout December at working level and that no particular agreement on any of the issues has be found.

Given that the Court wanted that it is reformed urgently, the other institutions seem to take their time…

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