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Commissioner Lewandowski’s #fail: Names more important than substance

On 23 November 2011, the EU Commission published its plans for “ERASMUS for All“.

And what was the most important thing for Commissioner Lewandowski – and the only substantive point of discussion at the level of EU Commissioners on 23 November – regarding this proposal? To change the name of the “Marie Curie Program actions” on page 4, paragraph 2 of the proposal to “Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Program actions” (source).

So these are the real important problems EU Commissioners should discuss about, problems that show that national pride is more important for the Commissioner from Poland -not the Polish Commissioner – than the substance of European politics. As a reminder: Mr Lewandowski is Budget Commissioner.

Well failed, Mr Lewandowski!

4 Responses to Commissioner Lewandowski’s #fail: Names more important than substance

  1. avatar Craig Willy says:

    Eesh. When the activities of the Commission’s highest officials are so dismal one wonders what their underlings might be reduced to doing..

  2. avatar Aymeric L says:

    The insistance of Poles to change Marie Curie’s name to Marie Sklodowska-Curie is somehow becoming ridiculous. Marie Curie didn’t divorse from Pierre Curie, she had the French citizenship and spent 2/3 of her life in France. France didn’t steal Marie Curie from Poland!

    Will we have to rename Pope John-Paul II Pope John-Paul Wojtyla II ?

  3. avatar Ronny Patz says:


    I actually don’t mind that this is done in principle, but that this is the only thing worth discussing on “ERASMUS for All” at the highest level in the Commission is ridiculous.

  4. avatar Aymeric L says:

    I know you don’t, but I do 🙂

    I mean, basically, if Poles want to distort history (the woman died as Marie Curie), if they want her dead body, I don’t care.

    I just find that ridiculous. Especially for a catholic country to deny her married name.

    But I should also add that this issue is certainly not just a detail, contrary to what you say. If Lewandowski puts it on the agenda, it’s because it’s an issue of national interest. National symbols are important for some countries in Europe, especially central Europe. They fight during decades over names, heroes, and statues. I find that sick.

    This is why I also regret that it’s being discussed !

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