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EU Commissioner Viviane Reding wants to scrap useless EU websites

On the agenda of the EU Commission meeting of 30 November 2011 (meeting minutes, PDF), Commissioners discussed the rationalisation of IT in the Commission to save up to 10 million Euros until 2014.

In the minutes of the meeting, there’s also also an interesting statement by EU Communications (and other issues) Commissioner Reding:

Ms REDING … pointing out that, as far as websites were concerned, the public tended to consult only a very small number of them. She suggested examining, together with the directorates-general, the sites that did not receive many visits, were not updated, or provided no real added value, with a view to removing the ones that could be dispensed with.” (page 21)

I wonder whether all those overpaid PR and communication agencies who live of EU special website contracts will like to hear that. For the public, this may be a good thing – but only if the real substance of EU websites will become more easy to find (not just through “life hacking“)…

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