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Follow-up: Life hacking the EU Court search

Since I’ve blogged about the need to “life hack” the EU Court’s search one month ago, the Court website got a new advanced search.

When you search for a (list of) Court document(s) there and choose one of the results, the the links to this result can now be “re-used” afterwards, making it now possible to link court documents directly without the trick I explained a month ago.

I still find the search quite slow and a bit cumbersome if you just want to quickly find a court judgement, but it’s very good the document presentation has been fixed at least.

2 Responses to Follow-up: Life hacking the EU Court search

  1. avatar Eurocentric says:

    I agree that there are a lot of problems with the EU court websites, but I actually find Eur-Lex a lot better than many national court websites…

  2. avatar Ronny Patz says:

    I’d prefer to look for the best possible solution, not for worse examples… 😉 And I still think that EU institutions should be ahead of the pack in any case, because the system is already complex enough so that if people have managed to find the right website/institution/register they can easily get to their goal without getting an additional layer of complexity or complicatedness.

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