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Making use of Neelie Kroes’ open data policy: A request for the Commission expert group register

Today, I’ve made the following request for documents to the EU Commission (links added):

In line with Regulation 1049/2001 and in combination with Commission Decision 2011/833/EU on the the reuse of Commission documents, in particular Article 8.1, I request access to the full database of the “Register of Commission expert groups and other similar entities” in a machine readable format (i.e. as a reusable database file or a set of such files).

I’ve already used a scraped version of the expert group database to blog about expert group networks last years, but I (and others) would like to use the expert group register data for some further academic research and thus would prefer to use the original database instead of relying on a scraped version.

The EU lobby register (i.e. the ‘Transparency Register‘) can already be downloaded in an open data format (see the link to the XML fileĀ on this page), so it should also be possible to do the same for expert group register. The databases must be stored somewhere to feed the register anyway, so to get this data there is just the need to provide me with the respective files.

In particular following the latest Commission decision on the reuse of documents that is part of Neelie Kroes’ open data strategy, this should be possible because in the end the register is only useful for a quantitative analysis when available in data format.

It will be interesting to see whether this will be possible. I’ll keep you updated.

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