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2012: The year in which the Commission realised the existence of online social networks

The following are quotes from the Commission meeting minutes of 22 February 2012 from their debate about ACTA:

“[Reding] concluded by highlighting the rising influence of social networks on the Internet and the need for the Commission to take account of this in its communication policy and in dealing with various dossiers. Instructions had already been given to the communication units in the Directorates-General.”

“[De Gucht noted that] the intense media campaign which was unleashed in Europe, instigated largely by the social networks, had since led a number of Union Heads of State or Government to decide to delay signature or ratification of the agreement by their national parliaments. He added that the campaign had also had a considerable influence on Members of the European Parliament and, following recent contacts with various political groups, he now felt it would be difficult to muster a majority in favour of ACTA within the EP.”

“[Kroes] concluded by stressing the need for appropriate communication on the agreement, without waiting for the Court’s opinion, targeted particularly at the various stakeholders involved and social networks. The Commission urgently needed to table the expected legislative proposals on intellectual property and copyright.”

“[Barnier] was also of the opinion that the key role of social networks in public debate in Europe forced the Commission to think carefully about adapting some of its means of communication and that Members should discuss the matter as soon possible.”

Thanks to @aoifewhite101 for sharing this on Twitter. And thanks for the guys at La Quadrature du Net and others who have been able to keep up the attention on ACTA in social media and on conferences for years – long before the EU Commission thought it was worth making this an issue to be discussed with the public in social networks discussing the issue intensively.

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