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General Secretariat of the EU Council restructured

According to a new Council document, the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union will be restructured as of 1 April 2012 – this is about 9 months after Uwo Corsepius took over the office of Secretary General from Pierre de Boissieu.

The current list of Directorates General of the Council Secretariat, according to the EU Who is Who as of today, looks as follows (in brackets first figure is number of directorates, second number further units/cells/teams):

  • – Directorate-General A – Personnel and Administration (5+1)
  • – Directorate-General B – Agriculture and Fisheries (3)
  • – Directorate-General C – Competitiveness, Innovation and Research, Industry and Information Society, Internal Market, Competition and Customs, Transport, Energy (2+2)
  • – Directorate-General F – Press, Communication, Transparency (2+2)
  • – Directorate-General G – Economic and social affairs (2)
  • – Directorate-General H – Justice and home affairs (2+1)
  • – Directorate-General I – Climate change, environment, health, consumers, foodstuffs, education, youth, culture, audiovisual and sport (2+1)
  • – Directorate-General K – Foreign Affairs Council, Enlargement, Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (3+1)

In the new structure, if I read the Council document correctly, the four DGs B, C, I and G (marked above) will be merged into three new Directorates General:

  • – Directorate-General Agriculture, Fisheries & EPSCO [Employment & Social Policy, Health, Consumers, Foodstuffs] (4)
  • – DG Economic Affairs and Competitiveness (3)
  • – DG Climate Change, Environment, Education, Youth, Culture, Audiovisual and Sport and TTE [Transport, Telecoms & Energy]

This does look more like a cosmetic change from the outside, less like a revolution, but maybe I underestimate the scope of this reform. Interesting to note, though.

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