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Spanish government wants border controls for ECB meeting in Barcelona

According to Council document published yesterday, the Spanish government wants to introduce border controls at its borders to France and at the airports of Barcelona and Girona from 28 April to  4 May. The reason:

“From 2 to 4 May 2012 a meeting of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) will be held in Barcelona […] [T]here are reasonable grounds for believing that some serious public order disturbances could disrupt the meeting”

I must say find it rather problematic and disturbing that political meetings should lead to the re-introduction of border controls in the European Union’s Schengen area.

3 Responses to Spanish government wants border controls for ECB meeting in Barcelona

  1. avatar Craig Willy says:

    I have to say I felt some nice Schadenfreude hearing this. It means people are understanding that the incredible, Depression-level crises in their nations are also in large part due to the failed policies of the European Central Bank, currently headed by former Goldman Sachs Vice-President and Managing Director for Europe Mario Draghi, and are willing to show their discontent.

    After all the explicit strategy of the Bundesbank/Berlin (which heavily influences the ECB) in the eurozone crisis has been to maintain high interest rates and financial instability in the periphery, even if it kills growth and causes recession, notionally to get the reforms they want. This strategy of brinksmanship is perhaps best expressed in this interview with Hans-Werner Sinn (non-Bundesbank but on same line of thinking), who condemns calm in the financial markets:

    Addressing the problem through border controls of course is just dealing with the epiphenomenon. But it also seems a shift to a US-style pro-growth policy is underway, given that Merkonomics looks to be annihilating friendly governments in France, the Netherlands and Greece (and even Berlin’s ‘allies’ in Italy and Spain look to not be ready for a change of course). See Spiegel today on the subject:,1518,829440,00.html

  2. avatar Craig Willy says:

    And at least we’ve finally gotten people to care about EU politics 😉

  3. Very clever from the Spanish government. Now, if people want to make “serious public order disturbances” will need to go to any other airport, and later to BCN.

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