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Kunveno – A new European podcast

I yesterday listened the first episode of Kunveno, a new English-language European podcast after they followed me on Twitter. The first episode covers the resurrection of new parties and new voting patterns in Europe, from Iceland to Poland and from Estonia to Slovenia.

The main observation is that this first podcast sets up a very interesting perspective on European politics without any recourse to the EU level and by avoiding a focus on the big players (countries) that we anyway hear about all the time. I think that is a way to go and that is a way to break up the EU bubble talk that most of the EU-blogopshere is poised with.

What the podcast lacked for me were more unifying voices, something that would put the talks with the politicians and analysts a little more in perspective, providing an anchor to podcast. The variety of voices open up the scene and makes it sound more European, but it also lowers the coherence of the experience of listening to the recording (not to talk about the bad audio quality of two of the interviews).

Maybe it is better to focus on one or two guests who join into a discussion between the hosts than to edit a series of interviews together. I would have also liked that with a topic such as the one discussed here one would have spent some time trying to figure out what connects these phenomena – new parties. Are they just local/national developments or do they reflect a wider European movement such as the demand for more bottom-up politics (as in Iceland) or more top-down-personalisation (as in Slovenia).

But that was just a first episode and anyone who has ever done a podcast (at there was once the Chasing Brussels podcast that is offline these days) will know that this needs quite some coordination – not to talk about the technical issues. But podcasts like Newz of the World done by a German-Dutch team (in English) are a proof that it is possible to make European podcasting beyond borders – and I hope Kunveno will continue and become one of the places to listen in also in the future!


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  1. Very interesting. And actually as you pinted out, a possible new point of view for the blogosphere. I listened, and I still feel is “far from citizens”.

    In Spain there is a radio programme called Europa abierta in the national radio. They speak all the time about European topics. For example, today at 11, Peter Matjašič from the EFY will speak about youth guarantee, internship charter, investing in youth and role of youth NGO. I think is a good example how people can be commuicate to people without getting lost with treaties, ecofins, etc.

    You can listen all podcasts on

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