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Jon Stewart on elections in France and Greece

The sad thing about European media is that there’s probably no show that could make fun of elections in Europe than the US-based “The Daily Show“. The good thing is that it does manage to make decent fun of European politics. Watch:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: International House of Pander-cakes – Greece & France Vote

One Response to Jon Stewart on elections in France and Greece

  1. avatar martinned says:

    Twice already on Dutch TV did a group of comedians try to make something like this, but it’s a sheer numbers thing: you need a large group of funny people to do this 4 days a week, 40 weeks a year. In the Netherlands, there aren’t that many funny people to begin with (smaller country), and the comedians we do have can make more money playing their own material in theatres and clubs. So yes, Jon Stewart is daily viewing for me.

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