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Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy: Next week’s Council

I’ve already blogged about next week’s EU Council meeting with regard to the fisheries issues. However, the Council also deals with what is by far the largest chunk of the EU budget, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and its reform.

For next week’s session, the Danish Council Presidency has prepared a questionnaire to structure the debate of the ministers present. Apparently, the main issue on the agenda is the Greening of the CAP. Member states seem to have proposed a number of measures that could be regarded as such a greening (see the list in the questionnaire) and now the Presidency wants to know which ones to focus on.

I suppose the debates on these issues will be public, so you can watch your ministers’ views on what a greener agricultural policy should (not) look like. If you are a journalist in Brussels, the Presidency briefing is on Friday at 2 pm.

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