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The brown Council: EU member states refuse environmental reforms

Yesterday, the EU Council on Fisheries showed no urge to push for an environmentally sustainable fisheries policy (cf. my life blogging). Today, the EU Council on Agriculture showed no interest in greening the Union’s agriculture.

I’m not what one might call a radical environmentalist. In fact, I have more hope in citizens changing their behaviour than in governments agreeing on reasonable politics in this regard. However, seeing the lack of ambition in the Council of Ministers compared to the ambition that the European Commission has put forward for its reforms of the EU’s agriculture and the EU’s fisheries policy ┬áis quite disappointing.

For me, this underlines that it is not necessarily the “unelected bureaucrats in the Commission” that are the problem but the elected ministers who prefer useless compromises that confirm the status quo over ambitious 21st century policies that take into account how the earth will look like in 50 years.

Just saying.

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