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The new EUR-Lex: Going public soon?

1.5 years ago, I first covered the planned reform of EUR-Lex, the major platform for EU law and EU institutions’ decisions. One year ago, a set of slides (PDF) published by VÖBBLOG gave hints where things were moving. In a set of blog posts, the EU’s Publication Office talked about the new EUR-Lex itself in October last year.

In March this year, Sköne Oke had some preview about some of the functionality of the platform. At the end of May, Alison alerted the upcoming changes, indicating some further details. And in a training offered at the University of Lisbon late May, one point on the agenda was “The new EUR-Lex: a first taste” presented by Els Breedstraet, Team leader editorial content EUR-Lex of the EU’s Publications Office. (Correction 20 Dec 2012: As indicated in the comments, the presentation announced in the agenda linked here was in fact never held.).

Now, for the EU Council Working Party on e-Law meeting on 26 June 2012, agenda item 2 is “The new eur-lex –Demonstration“. The document (11308/12) related to that item is not (yet?) in the Council’s public register, but the fact that trainings for the new EUR-Lex are already happening and the fact that there seems to be enough confidence to make a demonstration in the Council make it feel as we might indeed get closer to the new version going live.

The big question is: Will it make access to EU law easier, quicker, more comprehensive, including for people who are not deep into the EU sphere? Would be great if yes.

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