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The power of social: ACTA rejected in leading international trade committee

In the penultimate vote, ACTA has been rejected 19 to 12 votes in the leading International Trade (INTA) committee of the European Parliament.

If this vote is confirmed in the plenary on 4 July 2012, this may be the year in which the Commission realised the relevance of social media. It might  be the year in which a failed international treaty was the best what could have happened to EU democracy.

But it could also be the year in which the importance of single motivated individuals, NGO coalitions, the masses on the streets and on the web, as well as (EU) Parliament members who are willing to listen demonstrate that European democracy lies in the power of social, of human beings who work together for a common good, not just in the power of social media – and especially not in the power of financial markets.

Although – until the progress of the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, the single biggest budget item of the EU level investing money in the past instead of the future, gets as much attention online and offline, there is still a long way to go. Not to talk about the Common Fisheries Policy reform. And I don’t start speaking about financial markets, either.

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