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Cyprus Presidency invites bloggers to the EU Council next week

When in May the upcoming Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council announced they would want to meet with bloggers, I still wasn’t sure whether this would actually happen.

I gave my five cents and when I was in Brussels soon after I met with the two spokespersons (Marianna & Nikos) of the Cyprus representation to brainstorm over a coffee what the suggestions received from bloggers could mean.

Now, they indeed called for registration to such an event on 26 July 2012, that is next week on Thursday, inside the premises of the main Council building in Brussels. It’s not 12 July as initially foreseen – and when this date approached and nothing happened, I thought the meeting had been cancelled. Now it’s there, and for one Cyprus blogger this seems positively bizarre given the infant stage of the Cyprus social media scene.

I personally won’t be able to come, as I’ll only be in Brussels from August onwards, but it’ll be interesting to see how many bloggers show up, what will be discussed and whether the inclusion of the world outside Brussels will actually function.

The hashtag chosen is maybe a little long, but there’s a chance one might be able to get oneself into the Council building even when one is not in Brussels. I’ll give it a try.

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