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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Standing in European Parliament elections “abroad”: Simplified rules

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It’s not been big news – only New Europe has reported already as far as I can see – but according to this EU Council document dated 19 November, it is agreed that it should be more simple for EU citizens to stand for the 2014 European Parliament elections in EU member states other than their home country. […]

The days the #EUCO hashtag was born (and starting the #eu14 hashtag)

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I’m preparing a presentation on the European Online Public Sphere (see previous post in German). When I read on Twitter during the week that Jon used the #SOTEU (‘State of the European Union’) hashtag as a success story in one of his recent presentations, this reminded me of the relatively young history of the #EUCO (‘European Council’) […]

Gibt es eine deutsch(sprachig)e Europa-Blogosphäre?

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Weil ich auf der re:publica 12 diesen Vortrag gehalten habe, bin ich Montag in Essen zu einem Vortrag samt Diskussion geladen, bei dem es um die “Europäische Online-Öffentlichkeit” gehen soll. Googelt man den Begriff, ist der einzige Text, den man dazu findet, der hier (vergleiche: Selbstreferenzialität), das heißt, ich muss die Antworten auf die großen Fragen […]

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