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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Jean Monnet and David Cameron: Two speeches, exactly 50 years apart

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On 23 January 2013, David Cameron held his speech on British membership of the European Union. I am not sure anyone noticed, but exactly 50 years earlier, on 23 January 1963, Jean Monnet held a speech accepting the “Freedom Award” in New York in which he argued why Britain should be part of Europe: “The next step […]

High level, low results: EU media pluralism and some random recommendations

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Damian Tambini had announced it for November. Neelie Kroes has blogged about it yesterday. Bruno Waterfield took the occasion today to get a quote from Nigel Farage that included a reference to “1984”. And I also thought it would be worth writing about the report of the “High Level Group on Media  Freedom and Pluralism” titled […]

How the dominance of English kills the European debate

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Spanishwalker has already argued some months ago that one of the problems of the European blogosphere is the dominance of English. He sees the problem in English being the gatekeeper language between blogging and writing in most other European languages. In consequence, conversation between Swedish and Spanish bloggers would only take place if they (a) write and […]

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