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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Les gens de l’information: A sociology of EU information people

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The “Eurobubble” online series (see also my recent blog post) and the last months of working in Brussels have raised again my academic interest in the sociology of the bubble. In my readings around this subject, I stumbled over “Le champs de l’eurocratie: Une sociologie politique du personnel de l’Union européenne“* by Professor Didier Georgakakis. I haven’t yet read the […]

The aging Union: EU politicians and the dominance of the upper middle-aged (updated)

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German newspaper Die ZEIT yesterday published an article titled “Demografie: Die schon wieder” (Demography: Them again) about how the generation of baby boomers, those born in the early second half of the 20th century, is dominating politics, economy, society. The 35 years old author looks at how the babyboomer generation grow older and shape life […]

Out of the Eurobubble into Belgium – and back

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If we can believe this Facebook post, the long-announced and long-awaited online series “The Eurobubble” about professional and private life in said Eurobubble will go live tomorrow (I suppose on its Youtube channel). It’s funny to watch the trailer of the show again having just spent my prolonged Easter weekend traveling through Belgium, trying to get out of the […]

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