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I am Ronny Patz (Dr. rer. pol. from Potsdam University), currently a Lecturer replacing the Professorship of International Political Economy at Hertie School in Berlin since September 2020. My current teaching at Hertie is on “Global Governance” and on “EU Fiscal and Financial Governance”. At the same time, I’m based in Brandenburg(Havel), where I intend to found a new type of research organization as a social business as part of the Havel Valley community.

Brandenburg(Havel) as of January 2021 will also host the new Federal Agency for Foreign Affairs (BfAA), which I find fascinating and thus follow closely (in German).

Previously, I worked as a political science post-doc at the Geschwister-Scholl-Institut at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich for six years. After some time focused on EU politics, in particular EU interest groups, transparency and secrecy in the EU, the European Commission as a bureaucracy, and also the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy before going to Munich, my research after joining LMU Munich changed to studing budgeting and resource mobilization in the United Nations system.

My book with Oxford University Press — ‘Managing Money and Discord in the UN‘ (with Klaus H. Goetz — is one of the major results of that work.

My previous research project on the financing and resource mobilization in international organizations involved in global refugee policy (e.g. UNHCR, IOM, UNRWA) was part of a larger DFG Research Unit studying International Public Administrations (IPAs). Some results from this research are a special issue on “Resourcing International Organizations“, including the intro with a longer literature review, in Global Policy; a book chapter in the volume “International Bureaucracy” on budgeting administration and complex principals in WHO, UNESCO and ILO.

My PhD thesis on “Information flows in the context of EU policy making” (2014) is accessible under a Creative Commons license (full text) and a short blog summary is here. You can also see follow-up research on leaking and leak prevention in the European Commission published in West European Politics and research on leaking and the TTIP leaks published in the European Journal of Risk Regulation.

On this blog:

When I started this blog in 2010 in the midst of writing my doctoral thesis, I called it Polscieu. Nobody knows how to pronounce it, but it’s actually quite easy: just say the three syllables Pol[itical]-Sci[ence]-EU.

The blog has been following my trajectory inside and outside academia since 2010 covering many things I have come across, from ongoing research to discussions in the EU’s online public sphere. In 2011, I was in a group of bloggers with official accreditation to cover selected EU Council meetings among the EU press corps. I was also one of the co-editors of the now defunct platform that for several years organised the EU-focused blogosphere which I was part of since 2008. It is now defunct, but available on See for example my presentation at the 2012 re:publica (Youtube, German).

On activism:

Before rejoining the academic world I worked in Brussels for the EU Office of Transparency International focussing on EU integrity issues (lobbying, freedom of information, party financing, EU budget transparency etc.) from July 2012 to May 2014. Among other things, I have been a project manager and co-author of the 1st “European Union Integrity System“  study (April 2014), which analyses the integrity, transparency and accountability of all core EU institutions as well as a number of relevant other EU bodies.

If you’d like to contact me, go for patz [at] hertie minus school dot org or get in touch on Twitter @ronpatz.

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