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Wenn der Landwirtschaftskommissar auf Facebook reagiert

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Ich bin jetzt nicht so der Agrarpolitikblogger, ich geb’s zu. Aber nachdem ich bei Philip Banse letztens erzählt habe, dass es keine EU-Agrarpolitikbloggerszene gibt, obwohl da 2012 fast 60 Mrd. Euro auf EU-Ebene für ausgegeben werden, dachte ich mir, es wäre mal an der Zeit, mich halt selbst der aktuellen EU-Agrarpolitikreform zu widmen. Ich war […]

The brown Council: EU member states refuse environmental reforms

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Yesterday, the EU Council on Fisheries showed no urge to push for an environmentally sustainable fisheries policy (cf. my life blogging). Today, the EU Council on Agriculture showed no interest in greening the Union’s agriculture. I’m not what one might call a radical environmentalist. In fact, I have more hope in citizens changing their behaviour […]

CRIS – The Common External Relations Information System

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I study information flows in EU policy-making, and thus am glad about a recent EU Court of Auditors Special Report evaluating an EU Commission information system I haven’t come across: The Common RELEX Information System (CRIS). As far as I understood, this system is basically a management and control system for the planning and operational execution […]

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy: Public debate and secret negotiations

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Today, the EU Council holds its third orientation debate on the reform of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (Council background note). That’s the shiny surface of general ideas and positions staged for the public and live streamed on the internet (from ~11/11.15 am). Tomorrow, the Council’s Working Party* on “Internal and External Fisheries Policy” meets, and […]

Nachlese zur #rp12: Euroblogger-Wochen in Deutschland (update)

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Vor zehn Tagen hatte ich ihn noch als Beispiel eines deutschen Euro-Bloggers in meinem re:publica 12 Vortrag genannt (Präsentation, S. 13), von dem das Video leider noch nicht online ist.: Heute sprach Lost in EUrope Euroblogger Eric Bonse in einer spannenden 1-stündigen Radiosendung beim Deutschlandradio Wissen übers Eurobloggen, Eurojournalismus und europäische Öffentlichkeit. Damit setzen sich die Euroblogger-Wochen […]

The European Union mid-term priorities at the United Nations

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The EU Council just published “The European Union mid-term priorities at the United Nations” (Update: slightly revised version) for “public diplomacy use”. I suppose that this means that there is a second document “for secret diplomacy use”. And indeed, reading through the “priorities” looks like a long shopping list of diplomatic blabla – whether it’s […]

Travel to Greece, smile, and everything will be fine

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From the EU Commission meeting of 18 April 2012: Barroso “asked each Commissioner to travel to Greece to support the communication actions there and demonstrate visibly not just the Commission’s support for the Greek people but everything it had done to lay the groundwork for inclusive growth and sustainable development in Europe.” This request closed the […]

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