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re:publica 12 – Not enough ACT!ON

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With its 4000 participants, re:publica has become one of the largest internet conferences in the world, probably the largest in Europe. For myself, it is too big in size and too small in outcome. Maybe for some this is the annual meeting of a not-so-small-but-still-not-huge group of the German internet people who know each other […]

Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy: Next week’s Council

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I’ve already blogged about next week’s EU Council meeting with regard to the fisheries issues. However, the Council also deals with what is by far the largest chunk of the EU budget, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and its reform. For next week’s session, the Danish Council Presidency has prepared a questionnaire to structure the […]

Jon Stewart on elections in France and Greece

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The sad thing about European media is that there’s probably no show that could make fun of elections in Europe than the US-based “The Daily Show“. The good thing is that it does manage to make decent fun of European politics. Watch: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: International House of Pander-cakes – Greece & France […]

Kunveno – A new European podcast

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I yesterday listened the first episode of Kunveno, a new English-language European podcast after they followed me on Twitter. The first episode covers the resurrection of new parties and new voting patterns in Europe, from Iceland to Poland and from Estonia to Slovenia. The main observation is that this first podcast sets up a very […]

Court of Auditors jokes

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“The Court found … that out of the 27 transport projects audited 18 projects were clearly directed at transport objectives.” (page 17) I take this line as Court of Auditors humour, although it’s rather a sad kind of humour after an evaluation of EU-supported seaport infrastructure projects where it found that “Only 11 out of the 27 projects […]

On the road to #rp12: Multilingual EU blogging, translations and the fascination of Presseurop

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The EU-focussed blogosphere is dominated by English language blogs. The search for multilingual EU blogging is cumbersome, even when pan-European political debates take place on issues of common interest. Some of the solutions to overcome these problems are (1) bilingual EU blogs, (2) EU bloggers writing different blogs in different languages, (3) ad hoc cross-blog translation as […]

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