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Cyprus Presidency invites bloggers to the EU Council next week

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When in May the upcoming Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council announced they would want to meet with bloggers, I still wasn’t sure whether this would actually happen. I gave my five cents and when I was in Brussels soon after I met with the two spokespersons (Marianna & Nikos) of the Cyprus representation to brainstorm […]

EU assistance to the Turkish Cypriot community

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Just in time for the upcoming Cyprus EU Council Presidency, the EU Court of Auditors issued a special report on EU assistance to the Turkish Cypriot community. In fact, between February 2006 and September 2011, a total of 292.3 million Euro was planned and 259.4 million were actually contracted,  178.8 million Euro of which have […]

The Cyprus presidency logo story: Of nepotism and copyright

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One year ago, the Cyprus government ran a competition for its presidency logo, with the winner being promised 6000 Euros. According to Cyprus Mail, the competition had to be restarted after allegations of nepotism. In mid-May, after the final logo was unveiled, there were media reports that the logo looked very similar to a raw […]

Bloggers meeting the Cyprus Council Presidency: My five cents

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Soon Cyprus – the island presidency – will take over the EU Council Presidency from Denmark. And they have proposed a bloggers meeting on 12 July in Brussels, a meeting that should bring together bloggers from Cyprus and other European bloggers, as well as introduce the Presidency team to them. I think this is a […]

Denmark and the EU Council: The blabla Presidency has started

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What restores confidence and faith in the EU? What motivates citizens to become involved, to care, to listen to what EU politics can bring to them? The Danish Presidency has given its first answer: By making lame PR videos with soft colours, soft background music and a lot of soft blabla. How much this is […]

Cyprus 2012: Preparing the island presidency

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Next year, in less than 9 months, Cyprus will take over the presidency of the EU Council. Their pre-Presidency website is already online and I just saw that they’ve recently brought (PDF) a new Permanent Representative, Ambassador Kornelios Korneliou. Kornelios Korneliou was Cypriot ambassador to France and Permanent representative to the UNESCO until recently (source); before he may […]

The EU Council Presidency 2.0: New treaties, new member states, new communication

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The description of my blog says that “I attempt to translate between political science and political practice in EU matters“. Yesterday was a day full of opportunities for this. I could start talking about the combination of science and practice for the blog post and paper “Transparency in the Financing of Europarties” that I wrote […]

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